Abdur Rub Khan - Management, Strategy, and Finance Consultants 

Among the motivators of the CGC team he possesses skills in team building motivation, and had learned management and financial issues resolutions in his studies and experience. He has worked for Various NGO’s and business houses in his career being person responsible for financing, management, support, and other issues to resolve problems occurring in the development and implementation of various projects and programs in the field of emergencies, development and provision of livelihood access and support. He has the chance to visit various parts of the world to assess the situation of business and social work maintained around the globe and to improve skills in relations to humanitarian service at the grass roots level, he has been the main motivator in the field of micro enterprise development with leading global financiers, like World Bank, ADB, and their counterparts in Pakistan like PPAF. 

Naeem JilaniCorporate, Taxation and Audit Consultant 

Being Backbone of CGC, Mr. Jilani has a wide variety of experiences over the period of 15 years. Throughout his career he has advised a number of medium and well as large scale organizations to tackle the challenges of Corporate, Taxation and Audit. He possesses valuable experience in providing audit /assurance services tax planning and advisory services to companies. He has successfully done projects for Pakistan Post, World Bank, UN, PTV and many significant organizations. Mr. Jilani is currently giving advisory to newly established business and existing businesses as wellas representing clients before the income tax authorities

Muhammad Umer - Corporate, Taxation and Audit Consultant 

Mr. Muhammad Umer possesses valuable experience in providing audit /assurance services, tax planning and advisory services to companies operating in Pakistan and also the overseas investors intending to invest in Pakistanover the period of 15 years. 

 Muzammal AhmedCorporate, Taxation and Audit Consultant 

Mr. Muzammal Ahmed possesses valuable experience in providing audit /assurance services,corporate, feasibility studies and advisory services to companies over the period of 10 years. His diversified practice area also includes consultancy services on taxation. He possesses reputable experience on corporate matters of the companies. 

Mehran Khan – Income Tax Practitioner, Corporate Consultant 

Mehran Khan has been working as Tax Practitioner and Corporate Consultant for 8 years. He possesses through knowledge and wide experience in these areas. Based upon his knowledge and experience he has served a number of entities in Pakistan.