Tax Matters

Taxation laws and governance requirements of other laws and regulation is a cumbersome matter. It is considered that there could be a mistake identified at any time by the tax authorities. 
Such matters, need great consideration of applicable laws and understanding of practices, results and past actions. Any individual business cannot have such type of expertise available to them. And in case if the expertise is procured the cost will be very high, later, once those people will be out of market the level of understanding will reduce with the passage of time.
What is to be done in such circumstances? The answer is obvious, take consultation and keep on retainer ship basis, that is to say, pay as you avail and use as you need. 
 CGC is the largest Firm who have its local office right here in Islamabad, and with support offices in Karachi, Dubai and internationally. It has the potential and expertise available for provision to you, through its local office but global mindset at times of need. Please do not hesitate to take your time and discuss with our professional for the needs you have, this will allow the experts to assess and reply your specific queries, in case of satisfaction, further modalities to allow you concentrate on your task, while we look on the matters we are practicing for you. The initial services that our firm offers are as follows:
1. National Tax Number (NTN) of company/Firm and directors/partners/proprietor 
2. Sales tax number of company, Firm and Individual and registration with PRA, SRB, and KPRA etc. 
3. Registration with Chamber of Commerce and Industries 
4. WEBOC registration for import and export for companies and Individuals 
5. Filing of Income tax, Sales tax returns, advance tax u/s 147 and withholding statements of Income & Sales Tax statements of companies and Individuals for active tax payer list 
6. Services, salary and contract issues, tax credits and saving techniques 
7. Exemption of NGO’s, Trust with FBR, payroll guidance etc. 8. Handling tax audit of individual and companies with relevant Regional Tax Offices of FBR